15 Things Only a 90s Girl Did

Nineties children have a lot in common. Escaping big hair and neon colors of the eighties is one of them. But, nothing truly says 90s like Tomagachi, Lip Smackers, and AOL. If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you remember life without texting, social media, and emojis.

You Collected Lisa Frank School Supplies

Anybody else collect every sticker, pen, notebook, or stationery created by the Lisa Frank company? The whimsical characters and bright colors are a nineties classic that were found in almost every school girl’s desk.

Photo: WorthPoint

You Had an Impressive Lip Smackers Collection

You know your addiction is serious when you start collecting chapstick. These delightful chapsticks came in every flavor imaginable including chocolate milk, strawberry cheesecake, and sugar cookie.

PinitLip Smacker lip balms
Photo: Allure

You read every single book in The Babysitters Club series

You read every book in every series and when you were finished you started your own babysitting club with your best girlfriends.


You got excited when the Delia’s catalog arrived in the mail

I went to an actual Delia’s store for the first time a few years ago and it brought back so many memories!


You wore bubble sticker earrings

When your parents wouldn’t let you get your ears pierced, you could still be a rebel and wear bubble sticker earrings. Of course you had to pick them up off your shirt or the floor every 5 minutes.


You wore a tiny shirt called a tube top

Ah, the shirt with no tag; back is front and front is back. My mother wouldn’t let me set foot outside the home sporting one of these fashionable tops, and the one time I snuck out with one on I spent the whole time pulling it up to my neck.


You owned a pair of Steve Madden slides

All of my friends owned the same black pair of slides and we coordinated which days we would wear them on. If you were really cool, you wore them with a tube top too.


You wore scrunchies everyday

You wouldn’t dare wear a ponytail without one and you always had an extra one on your wrist. Bonus points if you wore a matching tube top and Steve Madden slides in one complete outfit.


You secretly hated choker necklaces but wore them anyway

So I was just made aware by the internet gods that wearing a choker necklace meant you liked anal. Umm, what?


You couldn’t decide between BSB and NSYNC

Your entire room was plastered with posters of your favorite boy band and you knew every single song by heart. Then the following week, you switched from BSB to NSYNC and had to redo your entire room, because who could honestly decide between the two?


You owned several Polly Pockets

On the top of every girl’s birthday list and perhaps the most annoying things to step on when the tiny pieces weren’t contained inside their pocket.

Photo: The Edge

You replaced body lotion with glitter

The only accessory you ever needed (besides a choker necklace) was a rolling tube of body glitter and a shower in the middle of the day.

Photo: Bustle

You had a collection of Beanie Babies

At first they were cute until our parents started collecting them thinking they would be worth something. I still have my Princess Diana beanie baby, which was going for about $40 on eBay, last I checked.


You listened to Spice Girls and thought you were one of them

I just found out that the Spice Girls were not actual friends, but a collaboration between business men to create a competing girl band, which totally ruins my childhood perception. Damn!

Photo: Rolling Stone

Your personality was designated by your Bonne Bell perfume

Anybody remember the Bottled Emotions perfume by Bonne Bell? You could literally smell pretty or hopeful by spritzing yourself with one of these scents from their collections.


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