DIY Balloon Garland Tutorial

Balloon garland is all the rage right now and it’s such a stunning statement piece of party decor that is sure to get everyone’s attention. The one thing I love about this party statement is that it costs no more than $10 for all of the supplies and most of you probably already have the balloons and/or string laying around somewhere at home. But if not, you can get the balloons and string for no more than a couple of bucks from your local dollar store. Let’s get started!

Pinitdiy balloon garland tutorial

Step One: Tie the loops

You will need about 60 or more balloons in various colors and a 15 foot piece of string or yarn. Start by tying a loop on each end of your string which will be used later to hang the garland with a thumbtack.


Step Two: Pair the balloons

Next grab two balloons and tie the ends together. This is going to be the bulk of the project. Continue tying pairs of balloons together until you have 30 or more pairs.


Step Three: Make clusters of balloons

Form clusters of balloons by tying two pairs together. Each cluster will consist of 4 or more balloons depending on how thick you want your garland to be.


Step Four: Hang clusters

Lastly, tie each cluster of balloons to the 15 foot string until all clusters are tied in a row. Slide the clusters together to reduce gaps and make the string less visible. Finally, hang your garland and enjoy!


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DIY Balloon Garland Tutorial