Sneak Peak: Fifty Shades of Grey Author Releases New Book: The Mister

British novelist, Erika Leonard, released her new book, The Mister, after a wildly successful run of Fifty Shades of Grey, which sold 150 million copies worldwide. Erika Leonard, who goes by the pen name, E.L. James, is a mother of two, and a self-proclaimed “terrible tease”. The success of Fifty Shades of Grey brought BDSM into mainsteam society, sparking a frenzy of copycats and a trilogy of films that resemble softcore pornography. Almost.

Unlike it’s predecessor, James’ new book doesn’t have a hint of BDSM. There is no red room of pain, or sex toys. Though the new book is still considered erotica, the sex scenes are much more mild compared to the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Written during the #metoo movement, James says that consent was on the forefront of her mind, which is made clear in the new book.

PinitEL James The Mister Book Flatlay

The story takes place in England, somewhere between London and the Balkans. Maxim Trevelyan, our new protagonist, is a priviledged aristocrat who falls for his 23-year-old housekeeper, Alessia Demachi.

She stares at me. An ethereal vision in the muted light, she tentatively raises her hand and traces my lips with her fingertips. I freeze, closing my eyes as her tender touch reverberates through my body.

– Cosmo & Vintage Books

Maxim is a well-connected and handsome playboy who likes fast cars, plays piano and has never fallen in love. Sound familiar? That’s because it is. Except this time, the troubled past belongs to our heroine, Alessia, an Albanian immigrant who barely escapes a sex trafficking incident.

And before I can stop myself, I pull her into my embrace and wrap my arms around her. She melts against the length of my body, her warmth leaching into me.

According to James, The Mister is a “Cinderalla story for the 21st century” and claims to “leave its readers breathless until the very end.” But, you can be the judge of that, as her new book is now available for purchase on Amazon.

I slide my fingers under her scarf and gently slip it off her head. Clasping her plait at the base of her neck, I tug lightly, bringing her lips up to mine. “Alessia,” I breathe, and kiss her again, softly, slowly, so as not to frighten her.


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Sneak Peak: Fifty Shades of Grey Author Releases New Book: The Mister