Georgia Lawmaker Drafts “Testicular Bill of Rights” and It’s Hilarious

Georgia Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick seeks revenge on her male counterparts this week as she drafts what is known as “The Testicular Bill of Rights” in response to recent legislature aiming to deny women a right to choose when it comes to her reproductive rights.

The move comes a week after a Georgia House committee passed a law that would prohibit abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. In most cases a heartbeat is detected around 6 weeks, at which point many women are still unaware of their pregnancy.

The Heartbeat bill was passed the same day a similar bill cleared in Tennessee’s house. The bill does state a few exceptions including pregnancies resulting from rape or incest, as long as an official police report has been filed.

Sex without a condom is aggravated assault.

Kendrick announced her bill of rights for men via Twitter, which includes several proposals for men, including the necessity to obtain permission from their sex partner before getting Viagra. Also, having sex without a condom would be considered aggravated assault if the bill were to be passed.


Her bill doesn’t stand a chance, but still makes a good point.

Unfortunately, Kendrick missed the filing deadline for legislation that can pass during the 2019-20 session. Even if she had filed on time, a controversial bill such as this would not be well received from the overwhelminly conservative legislature. If anything, Kendrick seeks to raise awareness to women’s reproductive rights and is doing a fine job of it.


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Georgia Lawmaker Drafts “Testicular Bill of Rights” and It’s Hilarious