How to Stop Apologizing For Everything You Do

Ever catch yourself saying “I’m sorry” for something you didn’t do wrong? Or apologizing simply for the way you feel? We’ve all been there but it really isn’t necessary and here’s why: constant apologizing is seen as a sign of weakness and lacks assertiveness from a professional standpoint. If you’re a chronic apologizer, try these three simple methods to stop saying sorry:

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Say Thank You

If you’re the type who suffers from chronic apologizing, try saying thank you instead. Most people would rush into a meeting apologizing when they’re late. Instead try saying, “thank you for being patient.” By owning your mistake, you take back your power in almost any situation.

Try these examples:

  1. Replace “Sorry, I’m late” with “Thank you for being patient.”
  2. Replace “Sorry, I can’t make it” with “Thanks for inviting me, but I have plans.”
  3. Replace “Sorry, I disagree” with “I disagree” or “I have a different opinion.”

Offer a Solution

How many times have you apologized as a form of sympathizing with someone? This works well with family and friends but when it comes to a colleague, try offering some advice instead. Offering a solution to a problem creates a more productive work atmosphere and fosters a positive relationship between you and your colleague.

Try this instead:

  • Replace “I’m sorry you’re feeling that way” with “Is there something I can do for you?”

Avoid Saying Sorry

Apologizing is about taking responsibility for a wrongdoing. If you’re not ready to say sorry or don’t plan to fix your mistake then avoid using the word sorry altogether. Saying sorry repeatedly especially for the same actions, loses its meaning after awhile. In essence, apologize only if you truly mean it. The words will hold more weight and your apology will be respected and meaningful.


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How to Stop Apologizing For Everything You Do