This Country Offers Free Tampons to Female Students

A survey conducted by Young Scot revealed that out of 2000 students, one in four in Scotland experience period poverty and have limited access to basic sanitary products. After its government announced a £5.2 million ($6.7 million) spending plan, Scotland has become the first country to provide schools and universities with free tampons, pads, and other sanitary products.

The country’s communities secretary Aileen Campbell said: “In a country as rich as Scotland it’s unacceptable that anyone should struggle to buy basic sanitary products.” The new plan places Scotland at the forefront of destigmatizing period poverty.

“Our £5.2 million ($6.7 million) investment will mean these essential products will be available to those who need them in a sensitive and dignified way, which will make it easier for students to fully focus on their studies.”

Joe Cullinane, the Scottish Labor leader of the council, explains, “When you’ve got that kind of momentum in schools, you think that periods don’t stop at the school gates, so what about their sister or mother?” Cullinane said. “How can we normalize this even further, so that it’s like providing toilet paper or handwash?”

We can only hope that Scotland’s stance on period poverty will pave the way for other countries to do the same for the next generation of students.


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This Country Offers Free Tampons to Female Students